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"Gui in Action: TENGENYUEZI 2021 Annual Management Capability Summit was successfully held!

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'Tencent on the cloud A world, Yuezhi empowering A Teng Yun'

Tencent Yun Yuezhi 2021 Annual

'Gui' in Action Management Capability Summit

Held in Guilin, which is surrounded by mountains and water

This management summit gathered nearly 100 people

managers from all regions and branches of Yuezhi

“桂”在行动 腾云悦智2021年度管理能力峰会圆满举行!

With the warm applause

Mr. Yi Zhaohui, Vice General Manager, came on stage and

announced the official start of the management summit!

“桂”在行动 腾云悦智2021年度管理能力峰会圆满举行!

Vice General Manager Yi Zhaohui said in his speech that he would take 2021 Tencent Cloud's 'customer success and product success' and Tencent Cloud's 'customer success' and help Tencent Cloud mature its products as the goal. To implement project management, delivery services, product development and other construction planning

The company also showed its public cloud business, Changsha subsidiary, Beijing branch core business and future plans. The top and the bottom share the same desire in order to sail together through thick and thin! Synergy and consensus, hand in hand!

Then shared personal management experience.

With inspiration, foresight, influence, control and decisiveness as the five inner forces.

Drive, insight, creativity, focus and self-control as the five driving forces.

One of the most important is the value of persistence.

“桂”在行动 腾云悦智2021年度管理能力峰会圆满举行!

COO Wang Junfeng made a speech on the development direction, positioning and goals of the company. Within five years of the company's establishment, we will focus on Tencent Cloud professional delivery and services and establish a professional service guarantee system; within five to ten years, we will build an ecology for industrial Internet and digital transformation and upgrading; through ten years of efforts, we will continue to practice 'user-oriented, technology for good' and build the first brand of Tencent Cloud services. Tencent products plus Yuezhi services have become the first choice for users' digital transformation. In the future, the company will continue to focus on service quality, accumulate small steps, develop two wings and leap a thousand miles.

“桂”在行动 腾云悦智2021年度管理能力峰会圆满举行!

Su Haibin, assistant general manager of Changsha subsidiary, shared the future development plan of Changsha subsidiary and showed the excellent results of project support, opportunity attraction, team building and core product polishing, focusing on the three central projects and planning with 'delivery', 'training' and 'operation and maintenance' as the positioning.

After the first half break and activities

Everyone is full of energy again

This is a young and energetic team

Always ready!

“桂”在行动 腾云悦智2021年度管理能力峰会圆满举行!

Zhang Yin, the chief technical architect, brought the topic 'TMO construction and Wuhan R&D center planning sharing'.

Strategy Zheng Chuyao and Guan Cong joined hands to share the Yuezhi version of 'Yan Yi Yan Yue', which plays the role of a business lubricant by connecting business positioning and reaching satisfaction goals, and pulling through the cooperation between Tencent and Yuezhi.

Zhao Yuchao, leader of the public cloud delivery team, shared his experience in public cloud management.

“桂”在行动 腾云悦智2021年度管理能力峰会圆满举行!

Brainstorming and sharing is not only a kind of giving

It is also a learning of self

The afternoon agenda was even more colorful, with Shenzhen Panzheng I group leader Ding Yuanda sharing 'How to manage a team', middleware group leader Li Bill sharing 'My 12-word policy', and the intense debate sharing session of each group, which made the meeting climax again and wonderful!

The event also dedicated to the recruitment consultants to award the Sea of Inclusion Award, respectively by Lai Huarong and Wang Jingjing won this honor. Sea is the big family of Yuezhi which is inclusive and forward-looking; Na is the recruitment consultant who actively explores talents; Baichuan is not only the affirmation of excellent talents from all over the world, but also the affirmation of Yuezhi recruitment consultants!

“桂”在行动 腾云悦智2021年度管理能力峰会圆满举行!

'Gui in Action, Gui in Persistence

Thank you for the generous sharing of all the participants!

and all of you who actively participated!

Let's follow the pace of the leaders and move forward together.

Let's continue to set sail, and the future will be 'pleasant' and 'good'!

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