Weiying Cloud

Vantage Cloud intelligent operation and maintenance products support full-stack IT operation and maintenance management, relying on AI and big data technology, scenario-oriented, to ensure business continuity, from the quality, efficiency, cost, security aspects to improve the overall operation and maintenance capabilities. The main functional modules include: CMDB, application behavior analysis, intelligent event platform, multi-cloud nano-management platform, etc.

Solution advantage

CMDB Data Preservation
CMDB Data Preservation

Resource deployment, monitoring, and changes are fully automated, realizing automatic preservation of CMDB data and improving operation and maintenance efficiency.

Intelligent Anomaly Detection
Intelligent Anomaly Detection

No human intervention for performance indicator threshold configuration, but use indicator exception detection algorithm to configure the threshold intelligently to improve the accuracy and O&M efficiency.

Intelligent Alarm Noise Reducing
Intelligent Alarm Noise Reducing

The noise reduction rate is over 95%, and automatic alarm recovering is supported to avoid alarm storms.

Multi-dimensional Alarm Analysis
Multi-dimensional Alarm Analysis

Intelligent analysis during the whole process: alarm occurring, alarm handling and alarm closing. Supporting the continued and stable operation of business systems.

Business Structure

Centralized operation analysis management ability

Data-driven operation management, help to make operation and maintenance decision

Comprehensive support + refined operation ability

onstructing the closed-loop operation management, specifying the assignment of responsibility, ensuring effective coordination between IT system construction and management process and together to improve the operation ability    

Centralized monitoring management ability

Being able to centralized monitor servers, network devices, server rooms, database, logs, etc. Discovering the issue actively and timely and changing the negative service situation

Centralized resources management ability

Overall management of physical resources, logical resources, application resources and business resource

Centralized operation management view

Displaying enterprise comprehensive status with visual data technology, providing centralized operation management view and helping to make operation and maintenance decisions

Workflow automation and mobilization management ability(Cost)

Fixing operation process, multi-dimensional measurement, automating and mobilizing operation process

End-to-end processes business management ability(quality, safety)

Main service management, end-to-end business quality controlling and ensuring availability of  stable and safe business service

Increasing the first line maintenance efficiency

Tool for daily operation, standardizing and aligning the daily operation and fully increasing maintenance engineers efficiency 

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