Smart community value-added solutions

G2C and B2C are parallel to improve the efficiency of grassroots governance services and explore multi-dimensional value-added space for operations.

Solution advantage

Efficient connection and wide reach
Efficient connection and wide reach

Based on the connection ability of massive users of WeChat and the unique advantages of interoperability with WeChat for enterprises and WeChat for government affairs, an efficient connection between residents, government and enterprises can be realized.

Flexible service   implicit governance
Flexible service implicit governance

Provide flexible and diversified one-stop services, integrate management into services, and improve the efficiency of grassroots governance.

Open base   Ecological co-construction
Open base Ecological co-construction

Provide a reproducible, adaptable and open unified technology base, support one-stop low-code application development, and build a new ecosystem of urban community applications.

Technology support   digital empowerment
Technology support digital empowerment

Integrate artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, blockchain, and other technologies to achieve global perception, full-time response, and promote intelligent and refined grassroots governance.

Global integration multi-level linkage
Global integration multi-level linkage

Connect to the smart city IOC platform upward, connect people and communities downward, and jointly form city-level solutions to achieve a closed loop of grassroots governance and urban governance.

Standard development Flexible deployment
Standard development Flexible deployment

Standardized development of interfaces, easy to be integrated, flexible deployment in government affairs area, public cloud, and privatization, supporting the lightweight promotion.

Operational Implementation Path