Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank and Tencent Cloud jointly build a full-stack distributed financial cloud platform with a total project investment of more than 80 million. The platform covers a distributed cloud infrastructure consisting of two private clouds, eight bank-wide shared competence centers, and three major technical systems built on this basis, covering all aspects of technical platform facility construction, business platform construction, systems standardized construction, architecture planning, business operation cooperation and other areas.

Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank's distributed financial Cloud Platform

'The 'My Changsha' urban mobile integrated service platform is built on the basis of the Changsha Super Brain in accordance with the overall requirements of Changsha to build a 'city of mobile services', and is positioned as the only official urban integrated service platform in Changsha, bringing together all kinds of urban service resources on one screen, further promoting data sharing and reducing duplicate construction, realising 'full crowd coverage', 'all-weather acceptance' and 'one-stop' processing of urban services, and allowing citizens to experience the most convenient and efficient services.

My Changsha Applet

Tencent signed an agreement for cooperation with the government of Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, making joint efforts for implementation of Tencent “WeCity future city” in the Jiangmen Talent island. As the Tencent Cloud Technology Support Center, we build a team of high-grade technical professionals to provide technical services, collaboratively promote the development of “talent island intelligent city” and industrial economy and help to construct the “Jiangmen Talent island” as international-advanced new intelligent city demonstration zones. 

“Jiangmen Talent island” creating a nationwide