In 2016, the 'Cyber Security Law of the People's Republic of China' was released, and the industry compliance trend is strict, and network security has risen to the national level. Industry security compliance and risk control regulatory requirements have been promulgated intensively, and compliance thresholds have been continuously raised.


The integration of the secure evidence storage cloud solution is in line with the future development trend of electronic data evidence in the society, and can solve the problems of electronic evidence being difficult to obtain, easy to lose, easy to delete, easy to tamper with, and difficult to maintain.

Achieving the implementation of multiple safety achievements at one time can simultaneously meet the safety supervision requirements of customers from different aspects, different contents and different purposes from the industry, superiors and external parties.

Customer value

Solve the problem that the enterprise IT business system has insufficient ability to resist internal and external network attack threats, and the system's security risk management and control level is not high, and strengthen the customer's system defense capabilities;

Solve information security problems, severe external security situation, and quickly build an information security system.