On Oct 26th 2018, provincial government officially issued “Guangdong ‘digital government’ construction overall planing(2018-2022)”, offering a guide for building Guangdong ‘digital government’ and accelerating the process for Guangdong government informationization.

Solving issues like isolated island of information, isolated business, redundant construction and high operation & maintenance cost. 


Province E-government cloud will consider E-government operation team and management team requirements and build overall multiple cloud management platform;

To truly centralize the management for cloud services provided by different vendors like HUAWEI and Tencent, guaranteed meeting the needs for Guangdong E-government operation and usage

Customer value

For Government Services Data Administration: Solve problems of low usage rate for cloud resource and non-standard procedure;

For Digital Guangdong: Solve problems of PaaS centralized management, operation and maintenance, greatly improve the operation quality and efficiency;

For Digital Guangdong: Solve problems of centralized operation, cloud management platform gathers PaaS product operation data including capacity, distribution, load, usage rate and billing; greatly optimize resource and cost planing.